Medrock Week is a week-long event where innovative developers, designers, and business people come together to find solutions to front-line healthcare challenges.



Medrock Week is a great opportunity to develop your skills, network with fellow students and professionals, experience what it's like to be a part of an innovative organisation, step out of your comfort zone and have fun doing it!



Marand d.o.o. and ESTEEC



From 30. 7 to 3. 8. 2018



Marand d.o.o. office in Ljubljana, Koprska 100, Slovenia.



Medrock Week 2016

Medrock Week 2017


Neža Dukič

Medrock Week 2016 participant

Medrock Week was awesome! Rarely do you get the opportunity to learn so much, get as much experience and meet so many amazing people in one short week. While at the same time have lots of fun, learn to play golf, and drastically improve your Guitar Hero high score.

Jaka Stavanja

Medrock Week 2016 participant

Medrock Week is a great learning and networking opportunity for everyone interested in healthcare IT. I'd recommend it to those eager to pick up new skills, meet fellow hackers, IT and healthcare professionals, and have fun doing it.

Janja Belinc

Medrock Week 2016 participant

A great event that offers insight into a successful Slovenian IT company and provides participants from various backgrounds with complete technical and inspirational support needed to develop innovative ideas. New friendships, knowledge, challenges and future opportunities… for me this truly was a priceless experience!«


Marand is a Slovenian based company, with over 25 years of experience in domestic and international ICT markets. Over the years, we have shown constant growth and have developed into one of the market’s leading health IT solutions and professional services providers. Our portfolio now includes a number of cutting edge solutions, such as Think!EHR and Think!Meds.

EESTEC (Electrical Engineering STudents European assoCiation) is a non-political, non-profit organization of and for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science students. EESTEC's aim is to promote and develop international contacts and the exchange of ideas among students. The association achieves this through improving technical knowledge and soft skills of students, introducing them to the industry and educational systems of other countries.


What we offer?

• A creative, safe and agile environment to foster your idea
• Beneficial guidance from our mentors, speakers, and organizers who will help you get to the next step
• Think!EHR Platform - Our vendor-neutral open health data platform providing APIs and tools for app developers to easily build innovative healthcare apps
• Partnership with local hospitals, allowing you to validate your project assumptions by talking to key stakeholders and potential end users
• Support for the best teams to develop their concept further

Why are we doing this?

Our goal is to bring bright minds and great ideas together in a stimulating and challenging environment. We want you to interact and interchange ideas, thoughts, and experiences to address some of the most pressing medical issues of our day.

We believe everyone can play a role in the future of healthcare!

Also it’s a good excuse to make our boss pay for a rock concert, barbecue and beer.

What's up with the name?

Throughout the week we will encourage you to tackle some of the most pressing MEDical challenges... and we appreciate good ROCK music.

What are the challenges?

Think along the lines of the biggest challenges healthare is currently facing and ways of tackling them. Examples include, but are not limited to, Blockchain, IoT, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, VR, Chatbots etc.

Who are the mentors?

That would be our employees with diverse backgrounds ranging from healthcare, business, entrepreneurship, engineering, software and app development, marketing and design. They will be there to assist you at all times... or just challenge you to a Guitar Hero battle.

Each team will have an assigned team mentor, but feel free to approach others as well.

Is the event free?

Yes! Medrock Week is free to attend but everyone is required to apply and be accepted due to a limited number of spots.

Will food and drinks be provided?

We will provide enough food throughout the day, including fresh fruit, pastries and coffee in the morning, various lunch options and supper in the evening. Please inform our team if you have any special dietary requirements we need to know about.

There will also be access to fresh water, juices, coffee, tea and other non-alcoholic drinks.

When can I apply?

Applications will open in March 2018

Till when do I have to apply?

Applications close on June 16th, 2018.

Your question still wasn’t answered?

Please email us at info@medrockweek.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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