Don't miss the chance to be part of this year's special edition of Medrockweek. Job opportunities, networking and a rock concert with a party. All in one day.


Join us here in Ljubljana and take the opportunity to have an informal chat with our experts and understand better what we do, how we do it and how we are going to grow in the future.

Just fill in the form, attach your CV and expect our email with the invitation in the blink of the eye.

Medrock Week 2016

Medrock Week 2017


Neža Dukič

Medrock Week 2016 participant

Medrock Week was awesome! Rarely do you get the opportunity to learn so much, get as much experience and meet so many amazing people in one short week. While at the same time have lots of fun, learn to play golf, and drastically improve your Guitar Hero high score.

Jaka Stavanja

Medrock Week 2016 participant

Medrock Week is a great learning and networking opportunity for everyone interested in healthcare IT. I'd recommend it to those eager to pick up new skills, meet fellow hackers, IT and healthcare professionals, and have fun doing it.

Janja Belinc

Medrock Week 2016 participant

A great event that offers insight into a successful Slovenian IT company and provides participants from various backgrounds with complete technical and inspirational support needed to develop innovative ideas. New friendships, knowledge, challenges and future opportunities… for me this truly was a priceless experience!«


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